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BoxFit is a high-energy workout that is packed full of fun!

  • 30 Min.
  • 136 St. Werburghs Road


Boxfit builds self-esteem, your fitness level and stamina. Boxfit incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning, functional and circuit training with an emphasis placed on boxing. You will be given timed sets of activities and your own set of boxing gloves for the class.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Please ALWAYS bring water and a towel to your sessions. If there are ANY CHANGES in your health and you fail to notify our instructors, we will not be accountable should you fall ill/suffer injury. For cancellations, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. If you do not notify us, YOU WILL BE CHARGED the cost of the session. We will send you an invoice for the cost of the session which is to be paid within 7 days of issue. If you fail to notify us of cancelling more than three times, we will stop you from booking classes for the remainder of your membership (month).


  • 136 St. Werburghs Road, Manchester, M218UQ

    + 0161 860 7622

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